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See what other people are saying about our The Grove apartments! At The Grove Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


The quality of management has been upgraded and it shows in the more recent reviews. Responsiveness is important when you need something fixed and these guys are on it. Friendly staff. If you’re looking for a place to live, consider The Grove. There are good people.


Verified Resident

As a local Vendor company, The Grove Apartment gave me the opportunity to do business with them. The manager Mr. Chesterfield Hargrove he gave us a thorough explanation on how they expected the job to be done. Chesterfield Hargrove is very approachable when I need it to clarify any questions. Nor to forget that all the staff made us feel very welcome. I personally must say that the experience was very pleasant. Definitely want to keep doing business with them for many years to come.


I was absolutely blown away by the incredible service at the Grove Apartments. Chesterfield is always available to answer questions, and goes out of his way to make sure tenants are taken care of. I would definitely recommend this place to family and friends. There's a pool, fitness center, on-site laundry and a business center, which makes day to day tasks much more convenient!


Verified Resident

No complaints here
So I've been living at the Grove apartments for a few months now and here's my honest review: First off, the apartment I reside in is a newly renovated one bedroom/bath with fireplace and laundry hook ups. Though mine is a bit small, it's very cute and affordable for the springs! Also, the utilities and rent can be paid through the leasing office or an app-a one stop shop for everything! Super convenient when I moved in, since I didn't have to set up all my utilities or deal with a bunch of separate bills and payments in the long run. My rent and utilities combined are around $1100 a month, which is the cheapest I could find for the area. Now that being said, Bijou st doesn't have the best reputation for a secure place to live. But, that can't be helped and isn't within the leasing office's control. Be sure to lock your cars and doors and you'll be fine!


This property has really improved over the last year. They completely redid all the Stucco and painted the buildings which gives a refreshing feeling. They...


The management at The Grove, Chesterfeild and Tim are always so helpful and kind. Very much enjoy doing business with them.


I work with adults with intellectual disabilities and I needed to move one of my people in ASAP . Chesterfield (one of the leasing managers) worked with their amazing maintenance team to move up a move in date by 3 days. The staff here is super helpful and friendly. They have great customer service and are working hard to update the property and have each unit looking and feeling new.


Verified Resident

I am very happy!
I was in a pinch and needed a place ASAP, and the property manager fast tracked my application and got me into the apartment. Saw the property manager outside in the freezing weather at 10pm because a pipe burst in the building next door. I have only experienced kindness from them and I moved in to a very clean apartment. It has not been loud, and when the door is closed I can't hear any noise outside of my apartment (except the random loud vehicle or car stereo's). I am very happy to be living at the Grove.


Updated 2/18/2020 Update: The Grove has recently done a complete renovation.of it's exterior and window replacement, which is absolutely great and it looks awesome. My personal thanks to Chesterfield and Amy our office staff they do a great job here, all of our fantastic maintenance people, Ernie and crew and to the ownership of the Grove, These types of improvements show a desire to improve the property and add a nice stylish look to it. Keep it coming. Thanks I've lived in this complex for 7 years now and I have no problems with the overall services here. Now, if you'll listen for a sec, I'd like to say that these apartments were built in 70's and are more prone to repair and maintenance than most newer complexes. There is a large array of apartments in Colorado Springs and The Grove is an affordable option to higher priced housing, However, fair market value, is closing that gap. Cars are subject to burglary here, as they are anywhere else. Don't leave items out in view and most importantly lock your vehicle. Look, this not the greatest apartment complex in the Springs but I get tried of the constant complaining. Before you move in, talk to your potential neighbors, inspect YOUR apartment BEFORE committing to a lease and I know it's long but read your lease carefully. I'm from Brooklyn, NY originally and these places would go for $2000, for the smallest unit, a month, I know, it's not N.Y., but I've personally lived in less for more money. Be diligent, we unfortunately live in a society that prays on weak and good people. Secure your vehicle, lock your apartments and watch out for your neighbors. Everytime someone new moves into my little quad, I go and introduce myself and make them feel welcomed. It's a community, not a campus. The Grove currently has the best staff I've dealt with since moving here. They are currently in the progress of remodeling the exterior of all the units with new windows and fresh stucco on all buildings. I am an actual resident and I'm very happy here and look forward to a bright future. Thanks for reading this review.


I have been working with The Grove Property Management on several onsite projects. Their clear dedication to the asset is apparent in the actions/decisions they take. Every effort is to ensure satisfaction for their tenants. Chesterfield Hargrove, (Property Manager) & Tim, (Maintenance), have exceed my expectations relative to communication, honesty and a business-like flexibility of their understanding of construction. My firm does work with a multitude of commercial properties both multi-family and otherwise and have found this relationship to be one of long-term success. Thank you Chesterfield and Tim for all your continued hard work!

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