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See what other people are saying about our The Grove apartments! At The Grove Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


Verified Resident

No complaints here
So I've been living at the Grove apartments for a few months now and here's my honest review: First off, the apartment I reside in is a newly renovated one bedroom/bath with fireplace and laundry hook ups. Though mine is a bit small, it's very cute and affordable for the springs! Also, the utilities and rent can be paid through the leasing office or an app-a one stop shop for everything! Super convenient when I moved in, since I didn't have to set up all my utilities or deal with a bunch of separate bills and payments in the long run. My rent and utilities combined are around $1100 a month, which is the cheapest I could find for the area. Now that being said, Bijou st doesn't have the best reputation for a secure place to live. But, that can't be helped and isn't within the leasing office's control. Be sure to lock your cars and doors and you'll be fine!


This property has really improved over the last year. They completely redid all the Stucco and painted the buildings which gives a refreshing feeling. They...


The management at The Grove, Chesterfeild and Tim are always so helpful and kind. Very much enjoy doing business with them.


Verified Resident

I am very happy!
I was in a pinch and needed a place ASAP, and the property manager fast tracked my application and got me into the apartment. Saw the property manager outside in the freezing weather at 10pm because a pipe burst in the building next door. I have only experienced kindness from them and I moved in to a very clean apartment. It has not been loud, and when the door is closed I can't hear any noise outside of my apartment (except the random loud vehicle or car stereo's). I am very happy to be living at the Grove.


Verified Resident

A Great Staff
Hi, I'm going on my sixth year at the Grove and I absolutely love it here. I plan on continuing to live here for the foreseeable future. I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge the great staff that are currently managing the Grove. Kara is just a pleasure to deal with on a constant basis, she's always willing to help me if I have a concern and is always so cheerful and patient whenever I speak to her. On the maintenance side, Ernie is just a wonderful guy who comes and helps whenever a problem or need comes up and Ken is just absolutely a wonderful man. He'll always take a minute to talk to you about something you have about a concern about your apartment or to just say "Hi". They are both excellent men who are just absolutely invaluable to this community. Now this review can not go without mentioning the wonderful work that Junifer has done to help our community move forward in a positive direction since she's worked here. It was when she went out on maternity leave, it became evident, just how incredibly good she is a in her vocation and how valuable she is to our community. I think I have been through 4 personnel changes while living here and this group of four and their helpers, are by far the most solid and dependable folks that have work here at the same time. I implore Ownership to keep this group together because they are making great progress for our and your community. Thanks. Joe Latka


Verified Resident

A great staff
Hi, I am going on my 6th year at The Grove. I obviously enjoy it here very much and plan on continuing to live here. I want to take a moment toacknowked


We have lived here two years with zero problems. Apartment building is currently being renovated. Staff is friendly and helpful. If you have any problems, they handle it. We have a two bedroom and it is cozy. Fireplace. It’s almost like we live in a pocket outside of the city here in our own bubble. Not much traffic except on weekends and it’s directly across the street from Jack Swigart School. I highly recommend the Grove. Things are changing here and for the better of an already great situation.


Lived there for 2 years and overall was please. Building C was newly renovated when I moved and contrary to other reviews I never saw any mold or bugs during my residency. All of my maintenance requests were taken care same day. Even when I had a large tree fall over my apartment during a Blizzard it was taken care of very timely. They are on the smaller side but the space is very functional and open concept so it always felt larger than it was.


Been a resident at The Grove for almost two years so I can attest that contrary to other reviews,.....The Grove does not have cockroaches/bedbugs/mold, the management staff is friendly despite the bit of a turnover during my residence. Though through it all there has been the one constant manager, Junnifer she is amazingly professional and friendly. Every once in awhile the management will put on little events for residents for example during the summer there was a bbq where there was hotdogs and hamburgers even wine and beer! The maintenance staff is diligently working hard on fixing up the landscaping, right now they are working on the basketball court. Ken the head of maintenance is timely when work orders are put in. Plenty of parking, washer dryer on site, most units are newly renovated, and other than a few breed restrictions pets welcome! All in all, The Grove is a great place to live at a great price.


I did not hate living here. I don't know if it's still the case, but the water was frequently shut off for repairs. I recommend keeping a couple gallons sitting around, in case the water is off and you needed to make coffee or something. There's many dogs, so the community is naturally pretty noisy. I would invest in some ear plugs if you were planning on moving in.

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